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What Scares Them Most....A Soul With Knowledge & Herbal Medicine

Why such a crack down on energy healing, natural medicine and herbal products? So in April 2024 Health Canada is making it completely ridiculous and unfeasible for small businesses to have herbal products on the shelves and online. With huge amounts of paper work, and money and fees it is getting out of hand. But I know a way we can fight back and that answer is sharing KNOWLEDGE. This they will never be able to take that from us. Lets share and be part of a community that teaches and helps each other out with sharing this precious knowledge.

OMG, it is their biggest fear...... a person with knowledge on energy and natural medicines, a soul that can heal themselves and other with there knowledge and plants. Where do you think all synthetic medicine comes from? Stealing ideas from nature to make money, and making us pay BIG money and in turn be dependent on them. WTF!!! why not just use the plants with their amazing energy and knowledge, I am sorry i don't think science can even touch what nature can share and create. But there is no money for them in healing people with these perennial queens that just pop back in our gardens every year.

A soul with this caliber of knowledge not only threatens big pharma, but everything that stands for GREED! I feel this mad scramble by them to put a stop to anything that interferes with their greed. Here we are back to burning witches, those are most feared. Why? because they threaten their millions of dollars. Knowledge and connected communities scare them BIG time!

We ( the witches) are only following our intuition, listening to the plants and helping to heal in ways that are safe and effective. Natural medicine is ment to be used for a short duration, the plant communicates through energy and helps to listen to us and our aliments. Have you ever wondered why some plants and even crystals for that matter all have the same healing properties? That because we are part of the magic in that healing process, and guess what it is ALL energetic communication. When synthetic medicine is created not only is that energetic communication lost but the energy that was put into creating that medicine is that of lower vibrational energies.

In very simple terms natural medicine heals us in a short period of time and something you can grow yourself for pennies.....Big pharma is ment to prolong your illness, and yes maybe ease some symptoms...... but not heal you. It is ment to strip you of your power, knowledge and bank account.

So my focus, and the herbal communities focus is to SHARE PLANT KNOWLEDGE and wisdom. We can create magic in our own gardens. We can heal each other and hold each other up even when these huge money mongering monsters are trying to strip us of our dignity. We win, and guess what we the people speak maybe we can make them shift their focus and have to join us..... Stay strong my herbal sistas and brothers we got this!

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