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Our Subtle Inner Voice....It's Actually Loud When You Turn Up The Volume.... Automatic Writing How It Can Help Us Hear The Messages.

So where do I start with this one, well this is the best place. I am writing this today because my own inner voice was yelling at me. I have put this blog post off for a few days and I keep hearing spirit in the background reminding me to write this. When I was learning everything intuition and learning to listen to that inner voice everyone said its like a dial just turn it up. I never understood what the heck they were talking about. I get it now......

Our inner voice is so quite and subtle and polite, but if we don't listen it is very persistent yelling child.....which in the end actually makes it pretty loud. I think for me its really learning in which way you can tune in and listen. For me its writing, automatic writing helps me to tune out my ego and just tune in fully to that inner voice without distraction. In case your not sure what automatic writing is, well its simple get a pen and paper and just start writing. Don't think or question anything just write. That is channeling at its finest....Its so simple and our ego try's to confuse us.

When I was first practicing mediumship and to open up to channeling I was told to just say everything and don't disregard anything spirit is telling me. Because sometimes when doing a reading for someone the things we hear make zero sense to us, and well they don't need to. The person that is receiving the reading will understand, and if they don't they will in the near future. Our ego try's to segway us into questioning things. If you just start questioning you know that is your ego speaking! This to this date has been the most powerful tool I have learned.

Another thing I learned was, your intuition and inner voice is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets...... never got it until I got it. I had to start working out that muscle to hear it louder. Its so simple when you do the work, but I get it can be overwhelming when your are new to all these spirit growth tasks so to speak.

So what do I do to hear my intuition and inner voice louder? I sit down and be quite and listen, it sounds so simple but it really is just that. Find what is the best way of receiving messages for you, is it writing? Is it walking in nature, that is a great way to tune into spirit. We sometimes can hear messages through our friends and family and the conversations we have with them. We are all mirrors to each other in this world and it is pretty incredible when you can tune into that.

So go home tonight and try it grab a pen and paper and just write and don't question anything you will be amazed at the messages your inner voice has been trying to tell you. If you feel like your questioning or feeling blank try again some other time, ground and center yourself with a walk in nature......

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