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Creating Community, Connection & Spiritual Evolvement .... How can we support each other in these times, and cut the middle man?

This has been at the fore front of my mind for some time now! How can we work together, support each other and grow together as a whole?

Spirit really hints that this is going to be very important moving forward in the near future, in these times where they are trying to separate us and create division we need to fight back. Each one of us has something to bring to the table, unique talents, interests, knowledge, these we can all share with each other. We can share in sacred reciprocity and exchanges of energy. That makes us feel good in so many ways......

So how in these times can we support each other? Lets think about food for a minute here, the farmers do all the hard work, growing and harvest, yet they most likely make the least amount of profit, how is that even possible? Our problem is we need to cut the middle man, or probably in that case middle, middle men.

We as a collective all have the same desire for peace, healthy food, connection and why is our system so broken and greedy? How can we change this system to cater to us? Not just funding the government and all the greedy assholes along the way. I have a very strong desire to create a sustainable system somehow to support local in so many ways. I want to create a platform of some kind that connect local people, share with each other and work together......... I am going with the flow and I am sure the steps will be given to me but maybe that's why I am writing this blog post today to find my people, my community and people with the very same desires as me.

A few years ago I gave my word and asked to be of service, I want to help people, I want to grow and evolve into a better more self sufficient society that support each other, works together and has a desire for plain old happiness and love! The thing about it is it really isn't that hard to do but someone has to take the first step and we as a collective will follow.

So maybe some of you are asking yourself but you sell crystal's that aren't local, and this is where I answer yes but I am supporting small companies in countries that need the help. Getting crystals directly from the source of miners and the hard working souls that polish the crystals at the same company. Building a relationship with those companies and supporting those families that work hard for their money. See I have cut the middle man and I am supporting where I can. This is a whole other blog post for another time.

Back to the subject, so how can you cut the middle man? How can you support small business and local companies? Even if it is buying your eggs from your neighbor you are doing your part in some way! I would love to hear ideas from all you out there how we can move forward and create some type of platform to support each other. Feel free to email me your ideas.

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