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It's me........Who's ready to watch an 80's baby learn technology? Blog who or what, my intuition told me we are going to the disco!

Well considering it took me ten minutes to find the paragraph space to be able to write.... this could be a process.

Well lets start here I have a lot to say as my partner would say, so why not start a blog that may be able to be a win win right? Since I was young I have loved to talk or share ideas, my thoughts, wisdom ( well ok not that as a child) but you know what I mean. We live in this fast paced techno world full of everything moving too fast for this 80's baby to keep up with. I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons and living in nature building a fishing rod out of a stick not Tik Tok.

Ok back to the point, where was I? Oh yeah I love to talk, but what I have learned is my talking is actually pretty powerful channeling. Spirit has many messages to share and this fast paced machine I am sitting at has the ability to reach all around the globe. So what an opportunity this is to share this universal wisdom and connection through this computer.

So where do I go from here, well I am going to hold myself accountable to share and be consistent with sharing my channeling. So once I get past this technology feat I should be flying with technicolor's right? I am excited to be able to share, and well because I have a million and one hobbies, passions and so on you might get a little of everything on here....

Hope you will join me on this wild ride of life with a crystal lady


( Aka Divine Fayerie)

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