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Crystal Healing - Black Tourmaline - The Ultimate Crystal Healer..... How We Trust Ourselves To Flow Through Difficult Emotional Pain

So I thought I would start these blog posts with a few things I have learned from spirit and well from my own intuition. So here I will share a little Crystal Healing- With Black Tourmaline

So in our lives we all go through difficult things and times when we feel like we are at the end of our rope, just clinging on. We have this pain created in our bodies from emotional pain and traumas. As our emotions build this pain we need a way to release it, and most of us find this part very difficult.

So I want to share a little story with you, this is what spirit taught me. So I was going through a difficult phase in my life and closer to the full moons I could feel this heaviness or weight around my heart chakra. I knew this was a build up of emotional pain and the moon was trying to help me to release it. The interesting thing was after the full moon the heaviness would subside until the next following full moon. So I felt drawn to sleeping with a black tourmaline crystal at my heart center and this would begin a few days before the full moon. I would notice I would naturally wake up through the night and pull the crystal closer to me, and then I started to notice I would wake up with night sweats. It was really interesting what was happening. The black tourmaline was actually pulling the emotional pain from my physical body. Now I have worked with crystals for years but more on a spiritual energetic level so this was new to me.

Then it also occurred to me I should have at crystal at the front of my heart center and the back also. So here I was sleeping nestled in two tourmaline crystals, waking up sweaty AF in the night. I had thought where is all this pain going that the tourmaline is pulling from my body? But I heard from spirit the moon is helping release it. So it was super interesting that the crystals and the moon were working in harmony with each other to help me get through this difficult phase in my life. For those of your that haul your crystals under the moon light every full moon this is unnecessary because the moon can totally penetrate through walls...... So the Tourmaline facilitated pulling the pain out and then the moon released it from the crystal. So from now on I almost always have black tourmaline in some form near or close to me. It is a powerful healer to help us release that pain once and for all. The most important part though is you need to be willing to release it and work in harmony.

So next time your going through some emotional phase know that the moon and crystals most definitely got your back. But most of all your intuition and higher self know best even if it sounds crazy to sleep with crystals, listen to that voice within!

Love & Light

Divine Fayerie

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