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Meditative Sound Journey

Sound Journey with Acutonics Planetary Hand Chimes and Tuning Forks, Singing bowls

  • 35 Canadian dollars
  • 18 Street

Service Description

My name is Lee and I love working with sound and vibration. Sound feels good in my body and mind. Every session I facilitate is unique. I have experienced that being grounded in the present moment frees us from preconceived strategies. Thus the full potential of sound meeting Self is invited to unfold. Using breath testing (a form of muscle testing) throughout the session, I am given moment-to-moment instructions from the higher consciousness of the group, becoming a clear channel that is directed to the most appropriate vibrations for the session.     Sound effortlessly permeates the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Sound sessions increase relaxation in the body and can deeply shift, integrate, and heal distinct experiences. When using sound for healing, the intelligence in the vibration opens an opportunity for a ‘moment of movement’ to happen somewhere that has become a bit stuck. Sound can also be very potent for embedding a specific intention deeper into the body. In this capacity the intelligence of the vibration supports the body to open or orient towards the desired outcome. The possibility of something shifting in the body is profoundly supported by your breath and guided by the conscious intention you bring to the session. The combination of your breath with sound is very supportive for experiencing greater presence, internal peace, and optimizing health. A sound session can reverberate in the body for days and months to come, often initiating a deep transformation.    I work with Acutonics Planetary Hand Chimes and Tuning Forks, Singing bowls, Koshi Chimes, as well as other sound tools and wisdom practices. In preparation for a session, I use breath testing to determine how to lay out a crystal grid in the space as well as where the bowls desire to be placed for the group. Opening myself to the ‘knowing field’ that connects all things, I hold the energetic container for the session while asking to be a clear channel for receiving benevolent guidance. The group session is designed by the combined intentions held by every person present. This collectively built field benefits everyone and uniquely meets each individual. During a session, I am moving through the space working with both the stationary and portable sound tools. I follow 'instructions' for playing any of the sound tools through my breath testing practice.    The session opens with a guided meditative breathing practice to help settle everyone into the space.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations require 24 hours notice to reschedule class. No refunds will be issued for missed classes, at this time I can only offer a reschedule to another class once payment is made.

Contact Details

  • 648 18th Street, Castlegar, BC, Canada

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