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This listing is for this exact Branberg Crystal from South Africa. The photos don’t do this amazing crystal any justice a must see in person! Beautiful water clear crystal cluster

Weight/ 75 grams

Size/ 3 inches by 1 inch

Brandberg Quartz Crystals are only mined near the Brandberg Mountains in Namibia, Africa. Quartz specimens from the Brandberg Area in Namibia are regarded as some of the finest in the world, highly sought after gemstones.

Very water clear and amazing quality makes these quartz crystals stand out of the crowd. Many have enhydos, and phantoms and interesting veils and rainbows.

They say brandbergs choose you......this I believe is very true for these mini powerhouse crystals. Clear Brandberg work on multi-dimensional levels, reconnecting one to the purity of their being. It is a powerful healing and energy amplifier, attuned to the specific requirements of the user and takes one’s energy to the most perfect state possible. All Brandbergs whether clear, smoky or amethyst, carry the vibration of each colour.

Holding a brandberg brings you to the most perfect energetic state possible. Meditating with a brandberg pinpoints conditions you assumed for the purpose of your souls growth. it moves you forward on you spiritual path and helps you to realize you are perfect exactly as you are at this very moment.

This amazing crystal is found at the crossroads of powerful medians that feed the soul energy of the earths matrix. It is the key to planetary healing and the expansion process. ( Judy Hall)

Very unique water crystal brandberg crystal cluster from Namibia Africa

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