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The only Lenormand deck you need, combining unique artwork that captures the magical spirit and deeper meaning of the original historical decks with simple and insightful explanation, a helpful divination sheet for placing spreads and three extra cards to define the seeking self in the modern context.

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle is the classic Lenormand deck for the 21st century, now reissued with a fresh design to showcase the amazing hand-painted card illustrations that guide the diviner in solving problems, learning what the future holds and developing intuition. This deck includes three extra cards (on top of the standard 36) to help define the seeking self: an alternative Man and Woman, to offer choice in the significator (the card representing the client) and also allow for the possibility of same-sex relationships, as well as a Divinator card to represent the diviner. Other updates to bring the deck into a modern context include changing the name of the Cross card to the Crossing, with its symbol of a crucifix replaced by bird wings over a bridge.

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle 39 Magical Cards to Reveal Your True Self and You

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