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Wow! I thought I knew a thing or two about astrology, but Rich has stirred the pot and brought new ways of working with the Universe into being.’

David Wells, astrologer and the author of The Tree of Life Oracle

Access the ancient wisdom of the runes to cast your birth chart and reveal your destiny with this essential guide to runic astrology.

Richard Lister explores the powerful combination of the ancient Nordic symbols of the runes and the millennium-old tradition of astrology. Through a unique combination of mythos and practical advice you will discover:

the deep cosmic art of runic astrology

your Runic Star Path or birth chart

your connection to the energy of the cosmos through your Sunna (Sun), Manni (Moon) and Jord (Earth/rising) runes

the effect of the wandering gods – what it means when the gods ‘go retrograde’

how to uncover the hidden codes to access your cosmic luck and good fortune

With this powerful knowledge, you can connect with the energy of the universe to navigate your way through life with passion, prosperity and purpose.

The Book of Runic Astrology Unlock the Ancient Power of Your Cosmic Birth Runes

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