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Spirit Alchemy Protect Myst is an energetic spray created with energy, intention and a healing infusion of crystals and medicinal plants and herbs.

With the quartz crystal infused with the intention for each spray it helps amplify and create space for energy to be moved, cleared or enhanced with your own intentions.

Protect Myst is a strong energetic cleanse and protection shield for our auric field. With Its strong energy of sage, orange and cypress it helps us clear our energy of any negativity and protect with a shield of positive energy. A wonderful pair for this spray is a black tourmaline crystal.

Each spray can be used to spray your aura and face and body, room, pillows whichever feels right for you.

Every spray is handmade by me with pure high quality essential oils, harvested medicinal herbs and plants.

Spirit Alchemy Protect Myst For A Energetic Cleanse and Shield Of Protection

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