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Spirit Alchemy Wildcrafted Teas, each tea is small batch blended with love and care in BC with wildcraft, homegrown and high vibration plants and medicinal herbs.

Clarity tea blend taps into our crown chakra with medicinal herbs and plants and mushrooms aligned with the crown. This blend helps us to uplift and enhance our mind centre and let the plant medicine work with helping boost our memory and thought. With the energy of focus and insights it can help us tap into our upper chakras and get a little brain boost.

Ingredients : Ginsing, Gotu Kola, Ginko, Brahmi, Green tea, Cordyceps, Holy basil, Dried Blood Orange

Each tea pouch comes with 30grams which is 10-15 cups of tea

Spirit Alchemy Crown Clairty Tea Blend- Crown Chakra- Uplifting +Mind Enhance

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