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This mala exudes self love, healing us deep within the heart chakra to blossom our self love, compassion for oneself. Very strong heart healing energy all around within this mala.

Each mala is handmade by me infused with intention and crystal healing energy.

Crystals included in this mala are

Rose quartz


Phantom Quartz

Guru bead is vesuvianite

Each mala necklace comes with this write up and information for each one, I encourage each person to infuse their intentions into their mala when they receive it.

Mala Necklace

History of 108 beads

Hindu Vedic Cosmology believes that that 108 is the basis of creation, a number that represents the universe and the wholeness of existence and the ultimate consciousness that we are all one and the same

A mantra is chanted 108 times because each chant represents a spiritual journey from our material body to towards the highest spiritual self. With each mantra chant bringing you one unit closer to the god source within us

Astrology of Mala is there are 12 houses and 9 planets in astrology 9X12= 108. The number 108 also connects to the sun, moon and earth with the average distance of the sun, moon and earth is 108 times their individual diameters

The Guru Bead is your teacher, it said to hold your prayers and intentions. When using a Mala for meditation, you would start by holding your guru bead and setting your intention for your practice.

The tassel represents connection to spirit, or your highest truth.

When I create Malas I use Two Guru Beads one to represent your Physical Self and One to Represent your Higher self as they are both your teachers and one and the same. Plus 108 beads + 2 Guru Beads + Tassel= 111

How to Use You Mala

*Hold your mala with one hand, let it drape across your hand place two fingers on the Guru bead and set your intention now move on the first bead next to the Guru Bead

*Complete one full breath ( Inhale +Exhale)

* You can choose to use a mantra with each breath or simply use it for a breath meditation

*Finish at the Guru bead to compete 108 breath or mantras

Self Love Mala

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