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Red Jasper Earth Sprit, Fayerie Crystal Skull Carving, 4 inch. This skull has a bit of a blemish on one side, the price difference reflects this.



* Crystal Skulls can be used for many things such as meditation, healing, crystal grids, spiritual work or psychic development, working at Sacred Sites or channeling. I find them very useful for connecting with family linage and healing past wounds and your karmic past, especially when it comes to past family histories of hiding psychic gifts and not accepting them. Skulls also have a connection to life and death and the cycles of life and rebirth.

 *Crystal skulls have been used to communicate with higher powers of all kinds.  Crystal skulls have a way of drawing you in and calling to you to work with you on many levels.  

 *The amazing part is skulls can be carved from almost any type of gemstone and take on the metaphysical properties of that certain gemstone. So when choosing a skull pay attention to what gemstones drawn you in, most likely they want to help heal part of you. 

Red Jasper Earth Sprit, Fayerie Crystal Skull Carving, 4 inch

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