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This listing is for this exact faden Quartz crystal. These crystals usually have a tabular shape with interesting formations in the crystals. Very unique and amazing energy in these crystals.

Weight/ 20 grams

Size/ 1 inches

Faden Crystals are a special variety of Quartz. During their formation they were subjected to major Earth shifts, which fractured and broke them apart, and then shifted them back into position. The Quartz pieces were then able to repair themselves and continue to grow into all kinds of interesting crystal shapes. There is usually a visible line in a Faden Crystal where it has self-healed - this is known as the Spirit Line, a direct connection to the Divine and Universal Energies.

Fadens are perfect crystals for healing and repair on all levels including the physical body, broken bones, and surgical healing, as well as fractured emotional bodies and auras. Fadens make a perfect gift to someone in need of healing or can be used to set up a grid or healing bank for someone at a distance.

Faden crystals also have a powerful resonance with the Twin Flame aspect of two parts making a whole as their energy is very holistic and promotes wholeness.

Rare Faden Quartz, Tabular Quartz with DT Twin Crystal

SKU: 202etsy
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