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Divine Fayerie Protection Crystal Set

Includes Black tourmaline, Dragons blood tumble, Quartz Crystal, Palo santos wood, and sage…. Each set comes with a write up


Protection Crystal Set 

*Black Tourmaline- Talisman of protection, deflects & dispels negative energy 

*Dragons Blood Stone 

Given to warriors as a talisman of protection, it is the stone for healing conflicts and challenges 

*Clear Quartz Crystal 

Amplify positive energy and intentions 

Sage and Palo Santo Stick- Sacred herb burned for clearing negativity  

Ritual- Set intentions for each of your new crystals, sleeping with black tourmaline near your body will help pull negativity from your aura and physical body as well. Use the sage herb and Palo Santo stick to burn to clear your energy and also clear your crystals before setting intentions 

Protection Crystal Set, Made by Divine Fayerie

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