Kambaba Japer Sphere/Stromatolite

423 grams

50-60 mm in size


Like all Jaspers, Kambaba Jasper alleviates stress and induces tranquility. Kambaba Jasper is a stone of Peace and Tranquility, imbued with the nourishing green energy of Nature. it  is also an excellent grounding stone for use in ancient places, both natural and created by humans, for connecting to those who once lived there. It is highly protective against psychic danger or negative entities.  

Stimulating the Heart Chakra, Kambaba Jasper draws wisdom from its ancient life energies and encourages one to open the heart to loving the self and others more fully, and increases the ability to receive love in return.

 A sedimentary stone, Kambaba Jasper is comprised of microcrystalline Quartz interlaced with Stromatolites, ancient fossilized colonies created by cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and other primeval microorganisms. These Stromatolites date back more than three billion years and are the oldest known fossils, containing the earliest records of life on Earth.

I love this stone most for its grounding and calming energies,......and opening you up to connecting with its ancient wisdom.

Kambaba Jasper Sphere