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Fayerie charm bottles are handmade and created with wildcrafted herbs, crystals and with a little magic.  Each bottle has herbs and crystals that align with the intentions of each spell.  Each bottle has already been attuned to the spell all you have to do is infuse a little of your own magic to it.  Each bottle comes with a gift bag and the spell to read along with the guidance to align the bottles to there purpose.  

This bottle is for Wisdom

Included in each bottle is gemstones and herbs for Wisdom and Intuition

Aquamarine* Sharpens Intuition, Calms The Mind, Stone of Spiritual Visions
Indigo Kyanite* Stimulates Psychic Abilities & Intuition, Connect To Spirit Guides, Dream Recall
Moonstone* Soothes & Calms Emotions, Connects Intuition, Balances Masculine & Feminine Energies
Quartz Crystal* Amplify Energy, Aligns Subtle Bodies
Sage* Protection & Wisdom

Fayerie Charm Bottle- Wisdom, Third Eye Charm

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