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Fayerie charm bottles are handmade and created with wildcrafted herbs, crystals and with a little magic.  Each bottle has herbs and crystals that align with the intentions of each spell.  Each bottle has already been attuned to the spell all you have to do is infuse a little of your own magic to it.  Each bottle comes with a spell to read along with the guidance to align the bottles to there purpose.  

This listing is for one fayerie charm for protection from negativity, psychic protection and clearing negativity.

Each bottle includes two vials including one with a clear quartz crystal, sea salt, lavender flowers, and the other includes black sand, smokey quartz, and a sage leaf.

Sea Salt* Purification
Lavender* Harmony, Love & Tranquility
Quartz Crystal* Amplify Energy, Aligns Subtle Bodies, Deep Soul Cleanser
Sage* Protection & Wisdom
Smokey quartz* will both protect you from negativity and transmute the energy, by grounding it back down into the earth
Sand *Use for protection, banishing

Fayerie Charm Bottle- Protection/ Clear Negitivity Charm

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