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Divine Fayerie lucid dream crystal set includes, indigo kyanite, spirit quartz and dragon scale lepidolite and mugwort herb. All sets come with a write up and bag


Lucid Dream Crystal Set 

*Indigo Kyanite- Dream recall and promotes lucid dreaming, enhances telepathic and psychic abilities 

* Amethyst Crystal- Opens the third eye and clarifies spiritual vision, opens intuition. 

*Spirit Quartz Crystal- Heightens awareness and psychic perception and encourages insightful dreams 

*Mugwort Herb- Helps increase awareness during dreams, stimulate lucid dreams 

Ritual- Place the indigo kyanite crystal under your pillow with also the satchel of mugwort can be under your pillow 

Divine Fayerie Lucid Dream Crystal Set, Promotes Lucid Dreaming and Dream Recall

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