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The author of ‘the bible on herbalism’ returns with a portable guide on North American medicinal herbs—for the professional and amateur herbalist alike

Based on the now-classic reference text Indian Herbalogy of North America, this illustrated pocket guide is the perfect companion for those eager to expand their knowledge of herbal healing. Through detailed descriptions and illustrations, Alma R. Hutchens walks readers through:

• 125 of the most useful medicinal herbs found in North America, and their uses

• How to create herbal remedies for common ailments

• The herbal traditions of North America and other lands

Entries include staples of folk medicine such as echinacea and slippery elm as well as common kitchen herbs—from parsley to thyme to pepper—whose tonic and healing properties are less widely known.

A Handbook of Native American Herbs The Pocket Guide to 125 Medicinal Plants and

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