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Its me, the face behind Divine Fayerie.......

Erica is a free spirit with endless connections to the elemental and angelic realms.  From a young age she has always had a strong clairvoyant vision and fayerie like imagination.......( and crystals in her pockets)

She discovered that over the years she was always drawn to creative arts, channeling her energy into creative endeavors.  Learning as much as she could about crystals and healing with them has eventually led her to creating her healing crystal jewelry.  This is where Divine Fayerie was born.  Her Etsy shop offers a selection of her healing jewelry and high vibration crystals from Africa and Brazil.


She has spent years learning and unveiling her own intuition and divine guidance so that she can help others access the healing that is already there awaiting them.


Erica has always had an internal intuitive nudge to become a healer. This is what has led her to work with crystals and the higher spirit realms. Her fascination and knowledge with plant medicine, energy work and crystals keeps drawing her into more healing modalities.  Her sessions include,astrology, intuitive oracle/tarot card readings, sound healing, crystal and plant medicine energy work.


With a passionate heart she helps others to unlock their own divine guidance, so that they can evoke healing and light into their own lives........


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